How to Change Ubuntu Linux Grub Boot Speed

Ubuntu Linux Grub Boot Speed

How to Change Grub Login Speed ​​By Editing Grub and Grub Updates on Linux - When we just install Linux, at the start of the computer, we are faced with a display like the display below. It's called Grub.

Grub stands for GNU GRand Unified Bootloader. For more explanation, please read on wikipedia.

ubah Kecepatan Login Grub linux
GRUB LINUX (wikipedia)

The grub contains information about the OS that has been installed on our computer. By default, the grub display will disappear for 10 seconds if we do not press any key on the keyboard and will enter the boot process.

Well, if you want to speed up the grub display time, you have to edit the grub file.

How to Edit Linux Grub Files

First we have to know where the grub file is. Generally grub files are in the /etc/default/grub folder.

To open it, friends can use a text editor. For example, I use ubuntu, the default text editor is "gedit". If you use linux mint, the default text editor is "xed". Or there is also a use "mousepad"

To open the grub file using a text editor, you can use the following command:

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

So that the text editor view of the open group file looks like the following image:

ubah Kecepatan Login Grub

Try friends, look at the line "GRUB_TIMEOUT=10". That means the length of time to go to the boot process is 10 seconds. If we want to change it to 2 seconds, then change it to "GRUB_TIMEOUT=2", then click the Save menu or CTRL+S.

Is this finished and can be used? Not yet. So we have to update grub.

Update Grub

To be able to upgrade the grub file, friends, please return to the terminal, then write the following command:

sudo update-grub

Then the display will appear like this:
ubah Kecepatan Login Grub linux

Finished. Please reboot / restart the computer. May be useful.
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