How To Install Kdenlive on Ubuntu PPA using Terminal

How To Install Kdenlive on Ubuntu PPA using Terminal  - Kdenlive is an open source video editing software that we can use for free. Open source project started around 2003 which built on Qt framework and KDE framework.

Kdenlive includes semi-professional software, with multi-track vide editing features, perfect for you as a YouTuber.

How To Install Kdenlive on Ubuntu PPA using Terminal

Kdenlive software is a cross platform  that can be used on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Kdenlive features

Based on the FFmpeg library, kdenlive supports several video and audio processing formats such as:

  • ProRes
  • H.264
  • DNxHD
  • DIVX
  • HDV
  • QuickTime

In addition to making videos more colorful, kdenlive provides lots of effects and transitions. There are also supported audio and video coverage features such as:

  • Audio Meter
  • Histogram
  • Wave form
  • VectorScope
  • RGG parade

For more features, please read Kdenlive's features page here.

Install Kdenlive On Ubuntu Linux

For install on Ubuntu Linux, there are several sources available like Snap, Flatpack, PPA, and AppImage. From several install sources, I prefer to use PPA because the file is the small size.

To install kdenlive with PPA source via terminal, I use the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kdenlive/kdenlive-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kdenlive

If you are using Windows, please download Kdenlive on the official page here.

I hope this article is useful.

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