Types of Digital Software Licenses Open Source Software

Types of Digital License

A digital license is a license that is written on a file to provide certain restrictions on the use of the file. Various types of licenses were made to protect the intellectual property rights of the makers.

Broadly speaking, this license is divided into two, namely Open Source and Close Source. With the development of the digital world today, let's get to know some of the following types of digital licenses.

Public Domain License

This type of license is most widely used or given to files, images, tutorials and so on. This type of Public domain license can be interpreted as a license that is not protected by Intellectual Property Rights.

This means that file types that use a Public Domain license can be taken and used for various purposes for your project, even to commercial.

But of course, even though it is free to use, we cannot share a file that has the license by fully acknowledging the file as our own.

Royalty Free

This type of license is a type of license that is only paid once after that you can use as much as possible even for commercial.

For example, you buy a logo to a logo designer with a royalty free license. Then you make a book by putting the logo on the cover of the book. The book was sold and made a profit. The profit is only for you, while the logo design will no longer benefit from the book.

And there is also a Royalty Free license that is paid once but conditionally.

For example, you buy a logo to a logo designer with a Royalty Free license on the condition that the logo can only be loaded on 1000 book covers. If you want more than 1000, we have to buy or pay royalties/money to the logo designer.

Free For Personal

This type of license is a license that only allows us to be able to use the file but may not be sold. We may tamper with, edit anything for the sole purpose of personal use.

Free For Commersial

This type of license allows us to commercialize the purchased product but with some conditions, namely:
  1. The maximum number that can be commercialized is 5000 units
  2. Can only be used on 1 social media business account
  3. For more, please visit here.

Extended Commercial

This type of license is a license that is higher than Commercial where we can sell a file that we have purchased up to a maximum of 250,000 units. Read more about Extended Commercial here.

GNU General Public License

The GNU General Public License is a license that gives you the freedom to modify the work of program code, files and so on and share these files with others even for commercial purposes. This license is mostly used for GNU applications or software.

GNU is a computer operating system consisting entirely of free software. Its name is a recurring acronym for GNU's Not UNIX; the name was chosen because its design is similar to Unix, but unlike UNIX, GNU does not contain UNIX codes. GNU development was started by Richard Stallman and was the original focus of the Free Software Foundation (FSF). (source Wikipedia)
In addition to the GNU General Public License, there are several other licenses such as::
- GNU Lesser General Public License
- GNU Affero General Public License
- GNU Free Documentation License

For more details, please visit GNU License.

Others digital licences:

  • CC BY 
  • CC BY-SA 
  • CC BY-ND
  • CC0

So some explanations of the Digital license, if there are suggestions and corrections, please write them in the comments column below.

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