6 Ways To Solve Android Store Data Phone Storage Full Memory

Android Store Data  - How To Solve Phone Storage Is Full

6 Ways To Solve Android Store Data Phone Storage Full Memory - Memory on a cellphone is an important component for storing data or files. The newer the smartphone, the larger the memory storage size used even though the physical size is getting smaller.

Even so, many smartphone users complain that the memory of their gadgets full up quickly.

6 Ways To Solve Android Store Data Phone Storage Full Memory
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Memory on mobile phones is divided into two types, internal and external memory.

Internal memory is subordinate memory on the cellphone and cannot be replaced and external memory is embedded additional memory such as microSD.

If you use an external memory, when the capacity is full, the easiest way to solve it is to replace new the microSD card.

If internal memory is full, then we cannot replace it with other memory like external memory.

The newer the smartphone, the more memory is needed. One of the sources is photos and videos.

The more sophisticated the cellphone used, the more storage space needed. 

Here are some tricks and tips on how to deal with heavy memory on a smartphone.

Fix Solved Full Memory on Android

1. Delete Unused Video and Photos 

Photos and videos are one of the causes of full memory. Generally, files from videos and photos have a big size compared to other files.

The cases vary, such as the number of similar files (duplicates), photos or videos that are not important, photo and video data downloaded from the YouTube, WA application, and so on.

Please check the file again because this is the most effective way to deal with full memory on a smartphone like Android. 

2. Remove Chache

Cache is a file that contains history of usage data from an application. If you install Instagram, for example, there will be Instagram data stored in the cache.

The longer you use Instagram, the bigger the cache size.

In general, most of these cached data are unused data.

Here are the steps:

  • Enter the "settings".
  • Select the "app management" or "installed apps" menu.
  • Select the application that you want to clear the cache.
  • Click "clear cache".

3. Manage The Social Chat Application

Chat applications such as whatsapp and telegram have an auto download file feature. When this feature is activated, especially if you are part of Grub, all data that is shared or sent will be downloaded automatically to your cellphone.

It will certainly become a full-fledged memory bomb with time. Please turn off this feature to save storage space on your Android smartphone.

3. Avoid Installing Heavy Applications

Some applications have very large sizes, including up to 1GB more.

An application that often makes memory full is Game.

From that, try to consider well to install applications that require a lot of storage. 

4. Use External Memory

External memory is the best solution that you can use. Until now, some smartphones have supported microSD up to 1TB. 1 Tera Byte equals 1000 GB. 

5. Set The Photo Storage Location To The External Memory

By default, the smartphone will save data from the camera to the internal memory. Because the initial size is a little bit, please set the location for storing camera photos to microSD external memory 

6. Backup Data

The last way that I can recommend is data backup. Some smartphones do not support microSD. 

However, this can be overcome by moving important data to a laptop or flash via OTG.

That's all I can provide information about how to solve full memory on an Android smartphone.

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