List Of 32 Bit Linux Distro Available In 2021

Linux 32-bit

List Of 32 Bit Linux Distro Available In 2021 - Linux has now become an alternative operating system compared withs Windows made by Microsoft. In addition to Open Source, Linux is also could be very fast in running a software if compared with  Windows operating system which sometimes get error like crashes, does not respond to blue screens.

If you have an old PC or laptop that still uses a 32-bit architecture system, you are on the right page.The following is a list of linux distros that still support 32-bit architecture where this architecture is very much used by outdated PCs.

Linux Still Supports 32-bit Architecture

Here I will share a list of linux distros that support 32 Bit architecture:

Debian 32 bit

Lubuntu 32 bit

MX Linux

Zorin OS Lite 




Peppermint OS


Antix Linux 

Tiny Core

If you know other than the above distro available 32 bit, please comment below. Hopefully this article is useful.

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